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Digital Skills: TWE Empowerment Program

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Precious John
Precious John
I write about tech, innovation and business.

Digital skills are highly valued in the modern workplace and will become vital in the future. Through these, new jobs are created, it improves careers, people can earn a better income, reach out to more audiences, and become financially independent.

The Man behind The Programme

To make digital skills free and easily accessible, Dahunsi Oluwanifemi, a 17-year-old Nigerian, social change maker who aims to create a shift in the Education system globally is the founder of Teens World Empowerment; A youth-led non-profit organization which provides direct support, mentorship, and programs to upskill and create work-ready young people who would, in turn, impact their communities. 

He has assembled a global team of dedicated young activists from across Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, Tunisia, India, UK, Morocco, and the US in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak to launch a digital skill empowerment program, with support from an Indian-based organization, Saraj. 

The founder of Saraj, Deepika Arya has a powerful passion for making the easiest path for youth to engage in personal development and social work.

TWE digital skills camp,
TWE digital skills camp tutors

Available Courses

  • Coding
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Journalism
  • UI/UX Design
  • Video Editing
  • 3D Animation
  • Broadcasting
  • Project Management
  • Robotics
  • Content Creation
  • Al Concepts
  • Digital Marketing
  • CV Writing (How to find and apply for Global Opportunities)
  • Business Development
  • Academic Writing
  • Success in the Agric Field (The future of Agriculture)
  • Mobile Photography.

Speaking on the launch, Deepika Arya said: “Our role as social entrepreneurs is to understand the strategic implications of digital transformation and help the youth lead the way forward by providing a platform to gain these important skills. We are happy to partner with Teens World Empowerment on the quest to creating a digital skilled future.”

Dahunsi himself comments:  “I’m dedicating my time, effort, and money to this project because I believe a lot of young people have been used to depending on resources which makes it difficult for them to sustain themselves when there’s no resource. At this edition, we’re not just giving them the resource but teaching them how to survive without resources, provide their own resource, and sustain it! Until we can change our paradigm about Education and Young people we may never move forward.”

Head of planning, Liz Lum also comment. “Through this, we’re making the digital era a companion to young people, as it unlocks and builds their dreams to impact the world.”

Here’s a comment by Precious John, one of the trainers.

“At the end of this program, there will be a difference among the young participants. Seeing people like them doing great and leading a change will spark the capability in them to do the same.”

Precious John- Web and Content Developer

This training is free, with a certificate included. I advise you to register here

This is the real shift and initiative we need!

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